LEGHORN s.r.l., was established to produce and distribute a complete range of cargo protection and security products worldwide.

Following your initial enquiry our Consultants will gain background knowlege as to the nature of your request-including current systems in operation and objectives

Then,with this information our experienced consultants will be able to provide you with the right solution.

Our main product focus can be divided into two areas.

The first area of operations is that of tamper proof technology, designed to prevent theft or losses of un-supervised goods in envelopes, boxes, drums, on palettes or in trailers.

Our tamper evident safety seals visibly show when goods have been interfered with.

We produce bolt seals, cable seals, plastic seals and wire seals

These items are made from galvanised steel and various other durable materials (including Polypropylene, PVC, and nylon) offering high resistance agains corrosion, heat and the cold.

Besides security seals, amongst our product range we also supply Tamper Evident Security Bags and envelopes, suitable for securely distributing documents,money, and pharmaceuticals etc.

They ensure such items are transported safely and arrive intact.

Our second area of operations is providing systems for the safety and security of goods being transported by shipping containers, rail freight and road haulage.

The range of high security products we supply includes,truck and trailer air-brake security systems, electronic security for shipping containers, container swing door locks and trailer king-pin locks.

Every patented product we supply is individually designed to target specific security problems.

Our products can offer the best and safest protection, providing you with a fast and efficient method of reducing your risks and losses from everyday theft and tampering.

Security creates piece of mind.

Our aim:

LEGHORN srl has the safety your cargo and the security of your company operations as their main target.

We achieve this by providing you with a range of products specifically designed for individual problems.

With our understanding of the complex needs of today’s logistical security, we are highly experienced to reduce risks and losses, by supplying and designing specific solutions for individual problems.

When Leghorn receives an assignment, consider it solved.




piombi.jpg (9017 byte)

Lead seals, not numbered

Lead Seals. No numbering. Easy to close and re-open again. Still used by Customs


strapsealc.jpg (10038 byte)

Numbered strapseals

Strap Seals with numbering. Easy to tamper.Still used in customs worldwide


cable seal jpeg

Cable seals

High Security Seals. Difficult to tamper with



Numbered bolt lock

High Security Seal: Very difficult to tamper. (Indeed tampering succeeds directly on container door handle)


new fork 1

Barrier seals with triple numbering and bar code

Very High Security Seals . Triple numbering- bar code. NO TAMPERING ON THE SEAL NOR ON THE CONTAINER DOORS




Check on the security seals, containers and people


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