E-FORK®: Caratteristiche Principali

E-Fork® derives from a fusion of the mechanic version FORKSEAL® with an electronic device consolidated inside the seal. No visible or accessible electronic parts from outside.

  1. E-Forks’® has an active electronic (battery), but doesn’t require any mantainance.
  2. Communication takes place by radiofrequency. There is no need of contact between reader and seal.
  3. The mobile battery reader saves all verified data, that will be downloaded on a PC.
  4. The serial number is unique, programmed and crypted to evoid alteration or modification.
  5. Additionally to its serial number, the E-Fork® may contain further information up to 200 digits.
  6. Several passwords to authorized personell available to interface between the reader and the seal, to evoid that unauthorized persons have access


::. for more info go to E-Fork site