A short introduction to security seals

Security of goods transported by Road Freight

Security seals for road freight can be divided into two categories: Barrier Seals and Indicative Seals.

Barrier seals are applied to protect against the tampering of goods, the illegal transportation of dangerous substances, and loss.

Such seals can be used to also seal containers.

These security seals have unique sequential numbering and can be easily closed by hand.

They can be produced with barcodes on request, and then read with a barcode scanner.

In extreme cases, these seals can only be opened with special cutters. Amongst this type of security seals there are different models such as Bolt Lock seals, Cable seals, Wire seals and Metal Strap seals.

Indicative seals however, must be able to be opened easily and removed without the use of any tools or cutters.

Plastic strap seals belong to this category.


Security of goods transported by Seafreight containers

To secure containers, the most appropriate seals to use are those which meet the high security standards, C-TPAT (Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism) and ISPS-Code (International Ship & Port Facility Security Code) - classified according to the ISOPAS 17712.

We have following products that meet these standards:





Security seals for fire-estinguishers and first aid boxes

To guarantee that fire extinguishers and first aid boxes are sealed properly, the seal must have a control function.

Security seals for fire extinguishers are applied to guarantee that the equipment has been inspected and serviced and that in case of emergency the extinguisher is fully functional.

Security seals for this purpose are designed to be opened easily and so are very fragile. This characteristic allows them to be used for first aid boxes too. It’s essential that in the event of an emergency they can be broken quickly, easily and safely. They can be sequentially numbered if necessary.


Security seals and labels for items of value, boxes, and the transportation of money.

The security of items of value requires close attention when choosing the right seal.

Different seals can be used according to the application: adjustable seals, security labels, or security tape.

Also for such applications, selecting a seal with sequential numbering guarantees that it is unique.