SPYLOCK is a new generation electronic seal. It’s ultra-compactminiature size means it’s suitable for bags and suitcases or any other situation where monitoring is required
SPYLOCK is a reusable seal powered by an internal clock and battery, capable offunctioning independently for long periods of time (without carrying out maintenance, or recharging the battery etc).
The seal, in addition to its anti tampering function, is also fitted with an internal memory capable of recording the date and time of each seal opening.


SPYLOCK functions in anextremely simple way:
• Whenever the seal is closed, SPYLOCK stores a numeric code generated at random.
• For each new activation of the seal, you can see the code generated at the time of the last closure; if the code is the same, then the seal has not been opened or tampered with.
If the seal is opened or the security cable cut, the code will change.
SPYLOCK can also storethe date andtime of every opening event, in order to record a SPYLOCK functioning archive; in turn, this data can thenbe seen directly on the SPYLOCK, or downloaded to a pc.

SPYLOCK distributed models on the market:
SPYLOCK SDT standard version with the capacity to memorise the opening events with visualisation on display.
SPYLOCK SDT-PC Advanced version accompanied by accessories and application software to transfer onto a PC the data store on the seal.
Attention: to maximize battery lifetheSPYLOCK display turns off automatically every 30 seconds


Dimensions 58 X 92 X 23 mm
Weight   110 g
Actuator closing     Graft with a spring button
Functioning temperature -15 °C  a  + 50 °C
Battery CR2450  3V 500mAh
Casing material PVC shock resistant
Display LCD 100 segments
Cable Steel cable
Comunication door RS-232


• The programme “SPYLOCK INTERFACE” can be installed only on a PC which operates with windows.
The software allows memorized data such as the identification and time of each opening stored on the seal to be downloaded, and allows the configuration of other basic settings such as creating a log file.

SPYLOCK pack includes
• Instructions Manual
• Cable to collect to the PC(SPYLOCK SDT-PC only)
CD with manual and software for download of data (SPYLOCK SDT-PC only )