SYDNEY AIR BAG” is a light-weight pallet cover made from waterproof anti-tear material.

Designed to protect goods being transported by air freight, the lower part of the cover is placed on the under-side of the pallet before they are loaded.


"SYDNEY AIR BAG” is made up of two parts that are attached together by a zip that runs along the edges of each.
Once the pallet has been loaded the upper part of the cover can be pulled over like a hood.

The two parts are closed with the zip that runs around the entire pallet


The closure on the bag can then be secured with a numbered cable seal

The only way to open the bag is by cutting off the seal “SYDNEY AIR BAG” , there for any sign of unauthorized opening is immediately visible.



  1. 160x250x320 cm
  2. 240x250x320 cm
  3. 300x250x320 cm