High security seals


When it comes to bolt lock seals, our NEPTUNESEAL is among the best in the world. The ring which blocks the pin is automatically incorporated inside the cylinder. After the pin is put into place the polycarbonate part of the capsule is electronically welded and the ring cannot be touched for the outside. Any tampering attempts will destroy the seal.


These seals can be adjusted by inserting the steel cable in the holes and then pulling on it.
In order to prevent against any attempt of tampering , it is advisable to pull the cable down as far as possible. The length of the cable can be made to order.


Cable seals: sealing devices with. 1,5 - 2,5 - 5 mm diam. Ideal for transports and international forwarding blocked screw inserts in the steel cable. Different cable lengths are available on request.

Indicative security seals

::. JUPITERSEAL 1,3 x 225

Adjustable security seals, pull up action for quick application and immediate security. Metal lock mechanism. Tear-off possibility or standard version.

::. JUPITERSEAL LL 3,5 x 420

Adjustable Security Seals with metal blocking. Pull up action for secure closure.


Adjustable plastic seals for post bags, containers, transport and logistics. Variable plastic seals 6 mm width and 420 mm length.


Adjustable security seals, pull up action for quick application and immediate security. Side tear-off strip means the seal can be removed without having to use any tools.


Plastic strap security seals. Once closed, there is no way to reopen them  without destroying the seal.


Adjustable security seals, pull up action for quick application and immediate security. Suitable for each purpose where you need a seal which gets easily broken.

» PADLOCK 160-4

Security seal Padlock type. Plastic body and metal closing ring. Extremely strong.

» PADLOCK 180-1

Padlock style seal suitable for securing In-flight Catering/Duty-free Trolleys. Self-locking system. Robust seal with plastic body with strong metal 1mm wire.

» TWISTSEAL (Plastic)

Completely plastic seal with incorporated sealing wire. Transparent exterior for better control of the closing mechanism. To close, turn the handle  of the seal. Once closed  it is advisable to snap off the handle.

Tamper evident asset labels


These Void Labels are applicated like any normal label. 
The carton seams to be closed by a normal label, but removing the label  appears a clearly visible multilingual writing that the carton was opened due to its special composition.

Destructible vinyl asset labels


These labels are produced on extremely fragile material with a strong glue. There is no way to remove it completely.

Aluminium barcode label
Bacroded security envelopes

» PAC SAFE (double numbering)

The closure of PAC SAFE is realized with an extra strong glue. It also has a double numbering: on the surface of the envelope that you will send, and on the coupon that you will keep to track the shipment.
Be sure that the closing system is activated along its whole length.

» PAC PLUS (Unnumbered)

The closure of PAC PLUS is made with an extra strong glue.
To activate it, tear off the transparent protection tape.
Be sure that the closing system is activated along its whole length.

» PAC SAFE PLUS (numbered and void)

Our PAC SAFE PLUS (VOID)envelopes hide their numbering in the inside.
The numbering is guaranteed to be unique and there is no way to modify it.
Maximum security is assured by the closing system: if you try to tear off the closing tape, it will show the tampering attempt. May be personalized with one or more colors. Width of the envelope: from 6 to 10 micron.


Item: 5270 VOID.
Thickness: 110 micron.
Tight: 5-6 Kg.
Colour: transparent.
Numbering: double with check-coupon.
Closing: anti-tamper evident adhesive security tape VOID.
Standard item always available on stock.
Dimensions: mm 250x325+60 handle + 35 check-coupon

Person identification


TLeghorn offers a wide range of Tyvek wristbands in a variety of colours, patterns and barcode option, so the model you choose compliments your event.